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6 Easy Ways to Spoil Your Cat

May 1 2016

Did you know that over a third of American households have kitties? Our feline friends certainly have many wonderful qualities. They’re cute, cuddly, clean, and often hilarious to watch! It isn’t hard to take care of a cat: good food, fresh water, regular veterinary care, and a clean litterbox will cover Fluffy’s most basic care needs. However, if you want to pamper your kitty, read on! An Ishpeming, MI vet offers some great and simple ways to spoil your cat in this article.

Comfy Beds

Our feline friends are certainly sleepy little furballs. Fluffy may spend what seems like a ridiculous amount of time snoozing. Keep your drowsy pet happy and purring by offering her lots of cozy napping spots.


Take time to play with Fluffy every day. The activity your kitty gets pouncing on her favorite catnip toy will be great for her physically. Playing is also good for your cat’s mind, and can help ward off cognitive decline as she ages. Plus, it’s fun for both of you!

Entertainment Options

Your kitty may spend the majority of her time snoozing, but Fluffy will need something to do when she’s awake. Offer your furball lots of fun toys to bat under the couch. Cats love to watch birds and squirrels, so give your furry buddy at least one comfy spot that offers a good window view.


Brushing Fluffy every day will keep her coat looking soft and shiny, and can also reduce hairballs. Pick a time when your kitty is feeling relaxed, and brush her gently. To make sure your feline friend knows she’s being pampered, incorporate lots of cuddles and compliments.


The more you interact with your kitty, the more interactive she’ll become. Talking to your cat is a great way to let her know you’re paying attention to her. Fluffy may even answer back with adorable meows! Even if your furball isn’t the talkative type, she’ll still know you’re trying to communicate with her.


Cats can be quite the little cuddlebugs! Take time to pet Fluffy every day. If she wants to curl up on or near you, let her. It’s hard not to smile when you hear that little motor start up!

Does your kitty need vaccinations or an exam? Call us today! As your local Upper Peninsula, MI animal clinic, we are here to help!

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