Doggy Dental Problems

Have you had your dog’s teeth examined lately? If not, Fido may be overdue for dental care. Just like people, our canine pals can suffer from a wide variety of dental problems. These issues can be very painful for your pet, and can seriously affect his health and well-being! A Marquette, MI vet discusses doggy dental care below.

Common Dental Problems

Gum disease is one of the most common problems our furry friends face. In fact, by some estimates, over 80 percent of adult dogs have this affliction. Gum disease is a major concern, because the infection can travel from Fido’s gums to his major organs, and can contribute to some very serious health problems, such as heart disease. Some other common dental problems include abscesses; infections; misalignments; and cracked, broken, or loose teeth.


Did you know that bad breath is often a sign of doggy dental woes? Excessive, ropy, or bloody drool are also red flags, as are visible swelling and tartar buildup. Fido may not feel very playful if his teeth hurt, and he could even lose interest in eating, especially if he gets dry food. Dogs with dental issues often don’t like having their mouths touched, and can sometimes act rather grumpy.

Home Care

Brushing Fido’s teeth is one of the best ways to keep his choppers healthy. Start slowly, and give your pooch time to get used to having his mouth handled. Also, be sure to use only products made for dogs. If your furry friend isn’t having it, you can still help keep his teeth healthy by offering him dental treats, kibble, or chews. It’s also important to make sure your canine buddy always has fresh water and plenty of suitable chew toys. Ask your vet for more information on home care.

Veterinary Care

Does your furry pal have tartar built up on his teeth? A good deep cleaning will get rid of that unsightly gunk, reduce inflammation, and fight off infections and bacteria. Other issues, such as broken teeth, will be handled on a case-by-case basis, after your vet has made a diagnosis. Fido will still be super cute with a crooked smile, so the focus with doggy dental care is always on issues that can cause pain and/or medical problems.

Do you know or suspect that your pooch has dental problems? Call us, your Marquette, MI animal clinic, today!

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