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Horse Care Hacks

June 1 2016

If you have a horse, you know what a beautiful and rewarding experience horse ownership can be. You also know how much work it entails. We are here to help! In this article, a local Ishpeming, MI vet offers some great horse care hacks.


Not a morning person? Get your feed buckets ready at night, and use disposable shower caps to cover the buckets and keep flies out. Also, an old deep freezer is great for storing grain: it’s rodent-proof, and easy to use!

Designated Gear

Do you have multiple horses? Use milk crates of different colors to keep Silver’s gear separate from Blaze’s. Another option is to get patterned duct tape, and assign one pattern to each horse.

Water Bucket Scrubber

A brand-new toilet brush is perfect for scrubbing water buckets, because it’s already angled to get into tight crevasses. Plus, it’s cheap to replace when it gets worn!

Ice Breakers

Use a pool skimmer to get ice out of water troughs. Spaghetti spoons work great on individual buckets.

Car Sponges

Automotive sponges just happen to be the perfect size for bathing Silver!


A crockpot is a great way to warm a bit up on cold days. You can also use it to heat up towels, or make a hot mash. Just be sure to never leave it on unattended!

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are great to have handy. You may want to keep some in your car. That way, if you have to go somewhere right after you’ve been to the barn, you have a quick way to get the dust off your face and hands.


Get a barbeque apron to wear while you’re grooming Silver. That way, you won’t end up wearing quite so much of his fur. The pockets are also great for holding brushes and hoof picks!


Does your horse resist when you de-worm him? Put molasses in an empty de-wormer tube. Every week or so, give Silver a taste of this yummy treat. You’ll probably find him much more cooperative!

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are great for keeping boots standing upright at shows, or between uses.

Dust Buster

Get a clear shower curtain, and hang it over your saddle or bridle racks to keep your tack dust-free.

Does your horse need veterinary care? Call us, your Marquette, MI animal clinic, today! We are always happy to assist.

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