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And Meow, a Word About Litterboxes

August 1 2016

Cats have many wonderful charms that make them such beloved and popular pets. Fluffy is not only absolutely adorable, she’s also full of cute and fun quirks. Another great thing about cats is that they are easy to care for. Your feline buddy will carefully groom herself each day, and will use her own private powder room to see to her needs. There are some do’s and don’ts to maintaining your kitty’s litterbox, however. Read on as a local Ishpeming, MI vet offers some tips on litterboxes.


Location location location , the old real estate adage, also applies to kitty litterboxes. Fluffy’s bathroom should be in a well-ventilated area that is easy for her to reach. Avoid putting the litterbox in direct sunlight. Kitties like privacy, so be sure to choose a quiet spot.

Litterbox Issues

If your cat is avoiding her litterbox, or seems to be having trouble relieving herself, have your vet examine her right away, to rule out potential medical issues. Litterbox woes can be indicative of some very serious health problems! Cats can be quite fussy little furballs, so if your vet gives Fluffy the all-clear, try putting out some extra boxes. Use different kinds of boxes and litter to see which one your feline buddy prefers.


We know, litterbox odors are not the best part of having a cat! First and foremost, scoop Fluffy’s litter box daily, and change the litter every week. You may also want to install a timed-release battery operated air freshener. A good air filter will also help, as will deodorizing products, such as filters and liners. Last but not least, set some pet-safe plants, such as Boston ferns or spider plants, out around your home. Plants are great at purifying the air! You can find more nontoxic plants at the ASPCA website.


Although Fluffy’s personal bathroom is convenient, it isn’t exactly an attractive décor piece. However, there are some things you can do to make your pet’s powder room look nicer. Upcycle an old end table with doors, and cut a hole in one side for your kitty to get in. You can also use a folding screen or storage tote. In fact, you can even buy furniture specifically made to hide litterboxes.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health? Call us, your Ishpeming, MI animal hospital, today!

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