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Fido’s Golden Years

August 15 2016

Is your dog beginning to slow down? Is Fido going grey about the muzzle? Although it may seem like your beloved pet was a puppy only yesterday, your loyal pooch may be entering his golden years. Below, a local Ishpeming, MI vet discusses caring for a senior dog.


Proper nutrition is crucial to Fido’s health! Get your pet the best dog food you can afford. While treats are fine, don’t overindulge your pooch with fatty snacks. Ask your vet for specific advice, including portion sizes, supplements, and tips on switching to senior-formula food.


Fido will slow down as he grows older, but he’ll still need some exercise. Most dogs require a daily walk, at the very least. However, your pet’s exact activity needs will depend on his weight, health, and breed, so be sure to ask your vet for recommendations. Be careful not to overexert your dog: when you’re walking your pooch, take him in when he starts to look tired.

Senior Comforts

Just like people, dogs often develop various aches and pains as they age. We strongly recommend getting Fido a good orthopedic doggy bed to help him sleep comfortably. Pet ramps may be useful as well, especially if your pooch has trouble climbing onto the sofa or getting in and out of cars. Elevated dishes are also beneficial, as they are much easier for older dogs to eat from than regular bowls.


Brushing your dog regularly will remove dead fur and dander from his coat, which will help keep him comfortable. It’s also great for his circulation! Don’t forget to clip those nails: overgrown claws can be quite problematic!

Veterinary Care

Your dog may need to see the vet more often as he ages. Regular exams will greatly increase the chances of any health issues being caught early, which can be very beneficial. If your pet develops medical problems, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, he may benefit from pain-management treatments. At home, keep up with Fido’s parasite control and dental care, and watch for any signs of sickness.

Tail Wags

Fido’s golden years are a special and beautiful time. Many people really enjoy the calm, sweet demeanor of older dogs. Spend lots of time with your loyal pet, so he feels loved and safe.

Is your pet due for a veterinary exam? Contact us, your local Ishpeming, MI animal clinic, anytime!

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