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5 Ways to Keep Goats Happy and Healthy

September 15 2016

Are you thinking about keeping goats? Have you just adopted some of these fun and rambunctious animals? Goats are both fun and useful: they can help with landscaping and provide milk, but they’re also fun to keep as pets. In this article, a local Ishpeming, MI vet offers some advice for keeping your goats happy and healthy.

Good Food

The bulk of Billy’s diet should be roughage, such as shrubs and woody plants, as well as hay and pasturage. You may need to supplement these things with grain or pellets. Your hooved buddy will also need mineral supplements and, of course, plenty of fresh, clean water. Ask your veterinarian for specific nutritional recommendations.

Comfy Housing

Good shelter is crucial to your goats’ health and happiness. If you don’t have a barn, you can build a three-sided shelter. Goats can be quite the little escape artists, so make sure you have good fencing. Also, be sure to check your pasturage for plants that are toxic to goats. Some of common ones are azaleas, hemlock, and laurels. Ask your vet for more information.

Health Care

Just like any other animal, goats need proper veterinary care. Billy will need regular exams, as well as vaccinations and parasite control. You’ll also want to watch for signs of illness. Some common ones include a lack of appetite, limping, lethargy, difficulty urinating, unusual vocalizations, and pale/greyish gums and/or eyelids. Billy may also press his head against a wall, stop chewing cud, stand in a strange position, or isolate himself if he doesn’t feel well. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms, or any other unusual behavior. It’s also important to keep your goats’ hooves trimmed.

Things To Climb

Goats absolutely love climbing on things. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a goat playground. You can upcycle old stairs, children’s slides and playsets, large tires, and even dining room tables into furniture for Billy. Just put safety first: remove any sharp objects, and make sure your goats’ things are sturdy and secure.

Good Company

Goats are herd animals by nature. One goat will get sad and lonely without any buddies to keep him company. Make sure Billy has some friends to play with!

Do you have questions about goat care? We can help! Contact us, your Ishpeming, MI animal hospital, today!

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