Taking Fluffy to the Vet

Here at Animal Medical Center of Marquette, we have a purrfect reason to celebrate. We’re now certified as a Fear Free Clinic! This means that we’re doing everything possible to make veterinary appointments easier on our furry patients. Here, a Marquette, MI vet discusses taking Fluffy to the vet.


Does your kitty bolt for cover as soon as she sees her carrier? If Fluffy only associates her travel box with car rides and sterile rooms, she probably won’t be thrilled to see it. To make the carrier a comfy, happy place for your feline pal, leave it out between visits, so she gets used to seeing it. Add soft blankets and perhaps a catnip mouse, and tell your kitty to stay out of it. She’ll jump right in! Before you head for the vet’s, spray a blanket with Feliway. Feliway contains pheromones that calm cats. This is great to use in situations when cats feel nervous. During the trip, put a towel over the carrier. We also recommend carrying it from the bottom. This will keep it more stable, so your pet doesn’t feel like she’s on a roller coaster.

Kitty-Friendly Facility

Veterinary clinics can be unsettling to kitties. There are all sorts of strange faces, sounds, and smells, including the scents of other nervous pets, some of whom are ill. We decided to sweeten the deal, and make our clinic both fun and comfy for our four-legged patients. We offer Feliway diffusers, which help soothe anxious cats. Fluffy can also explore our windows or relax on our cat shelves. We can even wrap your furry diva up in a warm towel!

Recommended Care

We recommend that all cats be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on vaccinations and parasite control. Regular exams are also very important, especially as cats age. (If you tell Fluffy about the importance of early detection and management of chronic kidney disease in senior cats, she’ll probably just yawn and lick her paw, but these things can make a huge difference!) Cats over ten should have an annual blood panel. This will screen for age-related conditions. We offer the idexx panel, which is invaluable in early detection of kidney disease. Heart care is also very important. One in five kitties with heart disease does not have a murmur or any other easily identifiable exam findings. However, our Cardio BNP blood test can detect these hard-to-spot issues. With older cats, identifying and treating chronic pain and arthritis is also a high priority.

Happy Cats, Happy People

Many illnesses that affect kitties—especially senior cats—can be managed. Treatments can slow progression and improve cats’ quality of life, and can help keep your feline buddy purring and happy for years to come. We can also help people owned by cats. One way we do this is by offering the Feliscratch pheromone product. This natural product helps direct your cat to scratch where you want her to. It has a whopping 87-90% success rate. No more shredded couches!

Please contact us, your local Marquette, MI vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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