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A Guide to Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet

March 1 2020

It’s a scary thing to experience as a pet owner: you’re loving on your animal companion and discover a lump or bump that wasn’t there before. It’s easy to assume the worst right away, but the truth is there are many types of lumps and bumps that appear on pets, and many of them aren’t life-threatening. Your first step is to get any lump or bump checked out by your veterinarian.

Learn more about lumps and bumps on pets, and what to do about them, in this article from your Marquette, MI veterinarian.

Types of Lumps and Bumps

A lump on your pet will either be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Some common types of benign lumps include:

Sometimes, a lump or bump is cancerous. Since these types of lumps and bumps can spread, or metastasize, through the body and start affecting other organs and tissues, quick treatment is of the essence.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumps and Bumps

Your veterinarian will examine your pet and may conduct tests to diagnose the lump or bump. In the case of a benign lump or bump, it may be left alone if it’s not causing any problems, or it may be removed surgically. Cryosurgery is also common — this means using extreme cold in the form of liquid nitrogen to remove lumps and bumps.

Treating a cancerous lump or bump may require radiation therapy or chemotherapy, or the tumor may be removed surgically.

Checking for Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet

On a regular basis, run your hands over your pet’s body and through their coat to check for any lumps and bumps. If you find one, let your veterinarian know right away. The faster they can take a look and diagnose the problem, the sooner your pet can receive successful treatment!

Want to learn more about lumps and bumps on your pet? Call your Marquette, MI vet clinic for help.

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