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How to Make Your Puppy's Training Stick

June 1 2021

Has a new puppy recently joined your household? Congratulations! Puppies are absolutely adorable, and they’re also loads of fun. One of the most important aspects of raising a well-mannered and well-adjusted pooch is proper petucation. But how do you make your puppy’s training stick? 

Use these simple tips to make your puppy’s training last a lifetime:

 Keep It Up

The best way to make your puppy’s training stick is to keep it up over the course of puppyhood. You really can’t expect to work with little Fido for a week and then have him be perfectly behaved for the rest of his life. If your fuzzy buddy isn’t reminded of his commands and put through their paces, he’ll forget it! Keep up your pet’s commands and training as he enters adulthood, too.

Use Positive Reinforcement 

Fido tends to respond much better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. Praising your canine buddy for a good deed is a more powerful and effective training method than reprimanding him for a bad one. That’s not to say you can never tell your pet “no.” You should, and it’s a key part of training. But reinforcing good behavior with treats and praise tends to have a more lasting effect than punishment or verbal reprimands.

Have Fun

Don’t think of training your pet as a chore, and don’t suck the fun out of it by boring your dog with long, drawn-out classes. Work with your pooch when you’re feeling cheerful and happy.

Be Consistent 

Be consistent with your language, hand signals, tone, etc., when you work on training your puppy. Otherwise,  he’ll just get confused. You can’t tell little Fido to “sit down” one day and then command him to “Sit” the next. Make sure all members of the family agree on the exact phrasing of doggy commands. This consistency is crucial!

Hire A Professional

You don’t have to tackle your puppy’s training alone if you don’t want to. Professional dog trainers and animal behaviorists specialize in this sort of thing. That professional guidance can make your life much easier. Ask your vet about training options near you, and do some research online to find a training program that suits your needs.

Call your vet for more insight into puppy training. We’re here to help you keep your canine buddy happy and healthy! 

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