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Making Friends With a Reptile

June 15 2021

Have you ever wondered if reptiles have feelings or emotions? Reptiles are quite mysterious, so it’s hard to say for sure. While it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t as sentimental or affectionate as dogs and cats, some reptiles do seem to get quite attached to their humans. Making friends with reptiles takes time and patience, but it’s not impossible. A local vet discusses taming reptiles in this article.


Age will have a lot to do with how comfortable your pet is being handled. It’s easier to befriend a baby animal than an older one. However, baby reptiles are fragile, and many of them need owners with experience. This is something to consider when choosing your pet.


Offering food can go a long way in winning a pet’s trust. However, many reptiles don’t eat every day. You may be less than thrilled about trying to hold a live bug or worm for your pet. Let your reptilian pal  get used to your smell, and the sound of your voice. 

Body Language 

Do some research on reptile body language. If your reptile is hissing, panting, withdrawing, or acting as though it’s going to bite, just leave it alone.


Believe it or not, lizards can be cuddly. There are definitely some lap iguanas out there! Geckos and bearded dragons are also quite lovable, and clearly bond with their humans. However, some tiny dinosaurs only feel comfortable being handled or petted by their owners. Don’t force attention on a reptile, especially one you’ve never met.

Settling In

Don’t try to handle your scaled pal immediately. Give your reptile some time to adjust to their new home and surroundings. You can talk to the little guy, and perhaps hold your hand out for them to investigate. (This is not recommended with larger reptiles that may bite.)


Many reptiles enjoy soaking. With some, such as iguanas, baths are necessary for both hygiene and hydration. Hang out with your buddy as they are bathing, and talk to them! 

 Picking Up

Most pet reptiles should be handled regularly, to keep them tame and docile. Be sure to pick your pet up properly! Never pick a lizard up by the tail. Also, avoid surprising your pet when he is eating or sleeping. Ask your vet for more information. 

Do you have questions about reptile care? Contact us, your local veterinary clinic, today!

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