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7 Ways to Help Your Dog Deal With Fireworks

July 1 2021

The 4th of July is only a few days off. Many of us are excited to celebrate America’s birthday bash. While celebrating, it’s essential to remember that this can be a highly dangerous holiday for our furry friends. Many dogs are absolutely terrified of fireworks! Below, a local vet discusses seven ways to help your pup cope.

 Crate Time

Crates are helpful, but only if they’re used properly. The idea is to make sure that your pooch feels like his crate is a comfy, cushy den, and not jail. If Fido enjoys his crate, he may feel safer when he’s inside it. Give him some comfortable bedding. You can also keep him busy by offering him a toy or tasty treat.

Early Workout

You may notice that your dog is a bit calmer after running off some of his extra zoomies. Before nighttime, take your canine companion for a long, fast-paced walk. Vigorously playing with him can also help make him tired.

Background Noise

Keep a TV or radio on when your dog is inside. The noise will help mask the sound of the fireworks. It can also help soothe your furry pal. 

Calming Shirt

If Fido is terrified of loud noises, he could benefit from wearing a snug shirt. These are like weighted blankets for pooches. Not all pups like them, so you’ll need to watch your dog’s reaction.


You don’t want to overdo it; pouring attention on Fido when he’s frightened could inadvertently praise him for behaving nervously. So, if your dog is scared, talk and pet him a bit to help relax him.


Our canine buddies all have different personalities. Some are more skittish than others. If your pup is mostly hyper, you could try desensitizing him to loud sounds. Play a stream or CD with something like a thunderstorm or other loud noises. At first, keep the volume low, and then slowly increase it. (This process could last several days, weeks, or even months.)

Pet-Calming Products

Other things you may want to try are pet-calming pheromones. There are a wide variety of products available, including treats, collars, and sprays. Talk to your local pet vet for additional information.

Enjoy your holiday! Contact us for all of your pet’s needs. We’re always here to help!

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