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What to Consider Before Adopting an Exotic Cat

July 15 2021

Does owning an exotic cat, like a lion or tiger, sound like a dream come true? Although it sounds like a wonderful idea, in practice, it might be very different. Even though you can find exotic cats for sale, you should really think about your decision before actually buying one. In this article, a local veterinarian discusses some things to think about before adopting an exotic cat. 


Exotic kitties are extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars. Depending on the kind of cat you’re buying, the exact price will vary. Mid-sized felines, such as Servals, range from about $1700 to $3000. Ocelots can cost as much as $15,000, while tiger cubs, which are now illegal in many places, can go for $7500.


Housecats can do just fine in a smaller home, such as an apartment. But, exotic cats are livelier and bigger, requiring a lot of room. Because of their size, you might have to build a pretty sizable enclosure for your exotic pet. Remember that any feline isn’t happy in an empty cage or pen. Always have enough big toys and furniture.


There are different laws, depending on your location, regarding owning exotic pets. For example, Savannah cats are illegal in various states, but not in others. You’ll want to check the laws in your state. Also, if you live in an HOA community, you’ll have to see their regulations. You should also consider this if you might move to another area in the future. 

Veterinary Care

Another thing that is critical is finding a good veterinarian that is an expert with exotic cats. Many are highly trained when it comes to offering care for domestic cats. However, exotic cats have varying needs. 


We understand the attraction to exotic pets: they’re unique, majestic, and fascinating. Unfortunately, many exotic pets, including cats, just aren’t the proper pets. Rather, consider making a donation to a reputable shelter.


Exotic kitties are absolutely not like giant housecats. Some don’t like litter boxes, while others don’t enjoy being handled. For example, Ocelots don’t like domestication, and will ignore commands even more than the typical housecat.


Bengals are kitties to consider. No bigger than the average housecat, these adorable, charismatic felines are considered exotic!

Do you have questions about owning an exotic pet? Contact your local vet clinic!

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