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Outdoor Winter Hazards For Cats

January 3 2022

Do you have a kitty cat? If so, we strongly advise keeping her indoors where she’s safe and sound, especially in winter. Fluffy’s adventurous spirit doesn’t take into account that she’s very small and vulnerable. While things like cars and weather pose threats to outdoor cats all year long, winter adds a few dangers of its own. A local vet lists a few of them in this article. 


Darkness sets in pretty early at this time of year. That can put your furry friend at increased risk from traffic or cars. It’s also harder for her to spot potential threats. 


Fluffy may have a fur coat on, but cold weather is still dangerous for her. And too, since kitty is so close to the ground, she could be tummy-deep in just a few inches of snow. Frostbite happens more often in cats than many people think. Kitties are most susceptible at the tips of their tails and ears, as well as on their legs and paws. 

Increased Risk Of Getting Lost

Kitties usually know to stay within a certain distance from home. But Fluffy may wander about further than you think. Landmarks and scents she knows well may be hidden by snow and ice. These conditions can make it difficult for your feline companion to find her way home. 


Many chemicals we use in the winter are toxic to cats. Antifreeze is a good example of this: it’s extremely poisonous to our feline pals. Many types have a taste that’s appealing to kitties. There are pet-friendly versions available. However, even if you use these, that doesn’t mean your neighbor does. 


Kitties often like to explore nooks and crannies. This means Fluffy could get trapped if she happens to take shelter in a neighbor’s shed during a storm.


If you and kitty live in a rural area, there may also be an increased risk from predators … particularly those looking down from above. Fluffy becomes easier to spot from the sky in the white snow and the lack of foliage


If you do let your furry pal out, or if your kitty almost always makes a dash for the door whenever she has a chance, be sure she has an emergency shelter available. This can be a simple storage tote with a hole cut in one side.

If you have questions about your furry buddy’s health or care, contact us, your local animal clinic, today!

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