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Resolutions For Reptile Owners

January 15 2022

Hope everyone’s having a happy new year! This is a time of year where people set goals for themselves for the coming year. Change and growth are always important, no matter where you are in life or how old you are. This is something that is also very relevant to pet owners. It’s important for you to understand your pet’s needs in order to keep him happy and healthy. Out of all of our patients, reptiles are likely the most often misunderstood. In this post, a vet lists some resolutions for people with lizards, snakes, and turtles. 

Do More Research 

Reptiles are fascinating animals. The more you learn about them, the more interesting they get! Even for people who’ve had pet reptiles all their life, there’s still going to be more to learn. Invest in a few good magazines or source books, or just go on an online reading binge. Just learning a few new things will still be time well spent! 

Check Your Equipment

Many of our reptilian buddies need specific environmental conditions, as far as lighting, temperature, and/or humidity. Creating and monitoring these conditions requires special equipment. If your pet’s gear is sub-par or old, it may not be showing accurate readings. If it’s time for an upgrade, be sure to put that on your to-do list this year.

Replace Bulbs

Specialized light bulbs are known to get weaker long before they burn out. And it’s hard to notice this, since the bulbs can appear fine to the naked eye. Be sure to replace these regularly! 

Watch For Warning Signs

As personable and charming as reptiles can be, they’re typically not as charismatic as dogs, cats, and other animals. This can make it harder to notice behavioral changes that may indicate stress or illness. Research can help, but it’s also important to just observe your pet, and this should be something you enjoy. Reptiles are both beautiful and captivating to watch!

Share The Love

Bad PR seems to follow reptiles, which is really unfortunate. They’re not only darned cute, but also play crucial roles in supporting our natural environment. Take some pictures of your reptilian pet, and use them to spread the word about reptiles and why it’s important to protect their welfare. Who knows? You may actually change someone’s mind about these fascinating creatures!

Do you have more questions about reptile care? Contact us, your animal clinic, today! 

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