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Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome—which is also called rolling skin syndrome and twitchy cat disease—is a rather…
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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and you guessed it -just like humans, pets…
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Celebrating Scooby Doo

September 13th is Scooby Doo Day! The beloved animated canine detective has become a fixture…
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Spotlight On The St. Bernard

August 20th is St. Bernard’s Day! This is in honor of St. Bernard of Montjoux—who…
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5 Great Life Hacks For Senior Dog Owners

Is your canine companion going grey around the muzzle? Fido’s golden years are a special…
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Signs Of Arthritis In Cats

Did you know that, just like people, cats can be prone to developing arthritis as…
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Caring For A Super Senior Pet

Is your dog or cat entering—or already into—their golden years? Pets age the way many…
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7 Ways To Keep Your Pet From Getting Lost

Did you know that June is Lost Pet Prevention Month? This is an important topic!…
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5 Reasons Zoos And Aquariums Are Important

Did you know that June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month? Zoos and aquariums may…
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Is Fostering Pets Right For You?

May is National Foster Care Month! Many of our furry patients are former foster pets,…
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