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Stay connected to keep up to date with Animal Medical Center of Marquette! We are…
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New Uses for Animal DNA

Advances in science have enabled the decoding of several animals’ DNA. Knowing the genome of…
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Catnip: Why Cats Love It

Few things stimulate a cat’s pleasure faster than catnip. Exposure to this simple herb can…
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Equine Laminitis

Nutrition & Feeding Major Culprits For Equine Laminitis Have you noticed changes in your horse’s…
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Vomiting Versus Regurgitation

When you come home to find a mess on the floor, it is easy to…
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Lumps and Bumps: Routine Visits Pay Off

When was the last time your pet visited the veterinarian? If you answered “not in…
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Planning for Your Dog’s Health Care

Before adopting a dog, take a moment to consider the amount of care your pet…
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Nothing Heartwarming about Heartworm

Heartworm Disease Heartworm is a long, string-like parasitic worm that has the scientific name Dirofilaria…
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Grooming Is About Health Too

Medical Benefits of Regular Home Grooming for Cats The condition of your cat’s coat and…
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What to Do When Your Pet Goes on the Carpet

Painful Urination Straining to urinate, frequent urination, blood in the urine, and accidents in the…
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