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1/04/23 | Interesting Facts
Cats can recognize their owners’ voices.

Dr. Holmstrom recommends this great read for all pet owners.

Dr. Mary Gardner provides wonderful insight on how to enhance older dogs lives, as well as answer questions on managing their care.

6/30/20 | NBC TV6
Helping Pets Relax During Fireworks Displays

6/05/20 | NBC TV6
Social Distance Pet Exams at AMC

4/20/20 | ABC 10 News
Dr. Holmstrom discusses harmful effects of marijuana on pets

4/6/20 | NBC TV6
Dr. Holmstrom shares info about COVID-19 and your pet

1/15/20 | NBC TV6
Dr. Holmstrom testifies before Agricultural Committee to advocate for Veterinarians

1/06/20 | Sunny 101.9
Keeping Your Pets at a Healthy Weight with Animal Medical Center

12/20/19 | UPMatters.com
Santa Claus visits pets at AMC

11/1/19 | NBC TV6
Dr. Holmstrom explains why veterinarians are not allowed to recommend CBD oil for pets.

11/1/19 | Sunny 101.9
Dr. Holmstrom appeared on the morning radio show to talk about keeping your cat happy and healthy.

10/30/19 | ABC 10 News
Dr. Julie Vezzetti shares tips on keeping pets safe in cold outdoor weather

8/19/19 | NBC TV6
Dr. Holmstrom explains how Fear Free benefits our patients (part 1)

8/19/19 | NBC TV6
Dr. Holmstrom explains how Fear Free benefits our patients (part 2)

7/30/19 | ABC 10 News
AMC is officially Fear Free Certified!

7/18/19 | UPMatters Local 3
Dr. Holmstrom on keeping pets safe in the hot weather

7/1/19 | NBC TV 6
Dr. Vezzetti lends her expertise for reducing stress in pets

6/28/19 | ABC 10 News
Dr. Reid shares tips on how to keep pets calm during fireworks

3/20/19 | The Mining Journal
Our first-ever Paws for a Cause event was a success thanks to our generous clients and staff

9/26/18 | Northern Michigan University
We’re so proud of the staff here at AMC! Breanna’s story was featured by Northern Michigan University

7/26/18 | ABC 10 News
Our newest associate vet, Dr. Leah Reid, shares her summer safety tips for pets with ABC 10 news

7/25/18 | ABC 10 News
The new fear-free designed AMC building was featured in an ABC 10 article

7/23/18| TV6
TV 6 interviewed Dr. Holmstrom about our new facility and the exciting ways we are making visits to the vet fun for our patients

7/16/18 | The Mining Journal
The Mining Journal reported on our big move

6/18/18 | ABC 10 News
Exciting coverage about our expansion to AMC’s brand new building