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Dr. Kellie Holmstrom

Owner, Veterinarian

When her father was earning his economics degree from Oklahoma State University, Dr. Kellie Holmstrom and her brothers would visit the livestock barns on campus to see the animals. One day when she was only five years old, a team of veterinarians and students rushed into a nearby stall to deliver a calf. Young Dr. Holmstrom watched the whole thing from behind a gate—she was hooked! It didn’t take her long to realize that veterinary medicine was the perfect career choice for her.

After graduating high school here in Marquette, Dr. Holmstrom joined the United States Army. She earned a degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University, and was put in charge of the chemical, nuclear, and biological training for the state of Michigan’s Army Reserve and National Guard units. Following her service, Dr. Holmstrom headed to MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, spending a month with a veterinary unit in Kaiserslautern, Germany for her clinical studies, then graduated with her Doctorate in 1985. After working in West Branch and Farmington, during which time she became engaged and married, she spent a year at a small-animal practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while her husband completed a fellowship at a local medical hospital.

Dr. Holmstrom, her husband, and their young daughter returned to Marquette in 1992. While investigating the idea of opening her own practice, she was introduced to her business partner and opened the doors of the Animal Medical Center of Marquette in March of 1993. She’s been serving the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since! Dr. Holmstrom especially enjoys dental work—having learned to complete complex dental procedures from a former board-certified employer and mentor—and visiting with adorable puppies and kittens on a daily basis. She’s also passionate about challenging and inspiring her team in order to provide the ultimate brand of superior veterinary care for the area’s pets.

Dr. Holmstrom and her husband Craig, who works as a neurosurgeon at the local hospital, have three wonderful children. Kelsie, the eldest, works at a boarding school in Pike, New Hampshire; Carlie is currently attending Columbia College in Chicago and hopes to work in fashion at the corporate level; Charles is a first-year college student at Washington University’s Olin School of Business in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Holmstrom and her husband share their home with Molson, the family Golden Retriever who also happens to serve as one of the Animal Medical Center of Marquette’s blood donors, and a pair of cats named Gadget and Gizmo.

When she isn’t tending to pets here at the clinic or spending time with her family, Dr. Holmstrom enjoys traveling, skiing, taking photos, filming sports events, and reading good books. She’s also passionate about philanthropy and giving back to the community—Dr. Holmstrom previously served on the Marquette Community Foundation, was a member of the Marquette Area Public School Board for 12 years, and currently serves as the chairwoman of the Brownfield Authority for the city of Marquette to help bring new businesses into the community and grow the local economy.

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Photo of Dr. Kellie  Holmstrom

Dr. Dale Aho

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Aho received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University in 1973. He sees both small and large animal patients, and does most of the clinic’s advanced orthopedic procedures. His hobbies include fly fishing, traveling to Alaska and Montana, and reading Tom Clancy novels.

Photo of Dr. Dale  Aho

Dr. Jo Gerrish

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jo Gerrish has adored animals since she was a little girl—veterinary medicine is the only career choice that she ever considered! She feels incredibly proud and privileged to play a role in improving pets’ health and wellness as an Associate Veterinarian here at the Animal Medical Center of Marquette.

Dr. Gerrish grew up in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan with her parents and sister, and started her animal-care journey by attending a branch of Michigan Technological University in Houghton for two years of pre-veterinary studies. She then gained acceptance to Michigan State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology as well as her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Following graduation, Dr. Gerrish took a job at a multi-doctor practice in downtown Detroit before relocating to the suburbs and signing on at another clinic in the area. When she and her husband moved to the Upper Peninsula several years later, Dr. Gerrish worked for a local practice before gladly accepting a position here at the Animal Medical Center of Marquette. She has specific medical interests in internal medicine cases and surgery work. Dr. Gerrish is also fond of working with puppies and kittens, as well as the many geriatric patients who visit the hospital.

In her time away from work, Dr. Gerrish likes horseback riding, gardening, and listening to music. Her husband, Dr. Paul Gerrish, is a dentist, who after serving the community for many years is now retired and enjoying his fishing trips. The Gerrish family enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren, and enjoy the company of their dogs. They have four English cocker spaniels: Willie, who retired from the show ring as the number-three Cocker spaniel in the entire United States; Stevie, who won best-of-breed at the Westminster Dog Show; Mo, who recently acquired his first championship; and Mabel who is still actively showing to this day.

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Photo of Dr. Jo  Gerrish

Dr. Laura Klar

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Laura Klar initially studied human medicine in college, but started to feel that something was missing by the time she was finishing up her undergraduate studies. When she and her family headed to Michigan State University for her brother’s own graduation from veterinary school, a lightbulb went off—animal medicine was the perfect fit for Dr. Klar! That summer, she started volunteering here at the Animal Medical Center of Marquette and hasn’t looked back since.

Born in Utah, Dr. Klar moved with her parents, brother, and sister to the Upper Peninsula when she was in the fifth grade. She attended Northern Michigan University for her undergraduate and graduate studies before earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University, all the while working as a Veterinary Assistant right here at the clinic.

After two years of practicing in the Los Angeles area after her graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Klar moved back to Michigan with her husband and rejoined the Animal Medical Center family in 2006. Now, she serves the pets and animal owners of Marquette as an Associate Veterinarian! Medically, she’s fond of internal medicine cases, chemotherapy treatment, and hospice care. Above all, she enjoys building lasting relationships with her clientele and watching their furry family members grow up.

In her time away from work, Dr. Klar enjoys reading, hiking and kayaking in the great outdoors, playing tennis, shopping, traveling, and trying new ethnic recipes. She’s also an active volunteer, and has served as a Student Leader Fellowship Program Mentor at Northern Michigan University for the past five years. Dr. Klar is also a member of the Zonta Club of Marquette and regularly helps with service projects around the area.

Dr. Klar lives with her husband Peter—a professor at Northern Michigan University’s School of Art and Design—and their two family pets: Jules is a large, handsome Boxer who makes his owners smile on a daily basis with his silly antics, and Zoom the tiny Burmese cat is extremely social and enjoys sleeping on top of Jules every single night.

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Photo of Dr. Laura  Klar

Dr. Julie Vezzetti

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Julie Vezzetti grew up here in Marquette, where her grandfather fostered in her a love of the earth’s creatures that persists to this day. She remembers enlisting her sister’s help to smuggle everything from hamsters and guinea pigs to frogs and rabbits into her childhood home. After stints in Los Angeles-based television production and medical sales, she decided to come full circle and follow her true passion: veterinary medicine. Now, Dr. Vezzetti is a proud member of the Animal Medical Center of Marquette family!

After starting at Michigan State University as a pre-vet major, Dr. Vezzetti attended the University of Michigan to earn a degree in psychology and communication studies. After brief explorations into other career opportunities, her love of animals and science combined with the encouragement of her mentors—including Dr. Laura Klar, who would later become her colleague here at the clinic—inspired her to return to school. She completed her pre-veterinary work at Northern Michigan University and Michigan Technological University before heading to Iowa State University to earn her veterinary degree. Upon completing a highly competitive small-animal medicine and surgery internship and gaining emergency medical experience in the Detroit area, Dr. Vezzetti was excited to join the staff here at the Animal Medical Center of Marquette as an Associate Veterinarian.

As a vet, Dr. Vezzetti has a particular interest in dermatology work; she prides herself on having the tenacity to find solutions to complicated skin problems. She’s also passionate about keeping up with the latest treatment options for small-mammal exotic pets, which have been at the core of her interest since her start in veterinary medicine. Dr. Vezzetti’s favorite part of the job, though, is getting to know her clients and their companions over time so that she can help them develop long-term health goals.

Dr. Vezzetti and her husband Ben have two children, Eden and Jack. The family shares their lives with a pair of loveable cats named Fonzi and Duncan; an adorable Shih Tzu named Gracie who loves running through the forest and the snow; and a Senegal parrot named Herr Bela who enjoys riding on shoulders.

Outside of her interests in the animal-care field, Dr. Vezzetti enjoys indulging in creativity, the arts, and personal health—she likes to say that she’s a creative spirit in a science world! She’s also fond of snowshoeing with her family and making crafts for her children.

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Photo of Dr. Julie  Vezzetti

Dr. Leah Reid

Associate Veterinarian

Photo of Dr. Leah  Reid

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