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“Appointment was at 2:30 – Got in promptly, dealt with promptly, and received the information and direction needed for moving forward with my Maggie.”

– Gene A.

“The staff are very welcoming and friendly. I really appreciate how quick and thorough they were.”


“My two little dogs are well taken care of. Staff is always able to take a phone question quickly. Great vets, great staff. Max and Gizmo love Dr. Vezzetti and Dr. McCarthy.”

– Paulette L

“Dr. Gerrish was wonderful! I really felt like she took her time with my dog and didn’t rush us through. It was my first time there and I was VERY impressed!”

Erin S

“We were visiting in Munising on a Saturday when our new kitten Elfie became very ill. A call to our downstate vet said she was probably reacting to her booster shots and might need antibiotics. We got in immediately with a call to AMC. Dr. Klar was wonderful with Elfie, who got painkiller, IV, and X-rays. Elfie was much better by Sunday and Dr. Klar even called to see how she was doing! AMC even faxed the records to our vet in Clare. We were so thankful that AMC was there for us and Elfie.”

Elfie’s H

“Very helpful for a first-time (independently) dog mom! They give you simple and effective help and encouragement, and I just know they are true pet lovers! They also give you quality healthcare that works with your budget.”


“Laurie S. is always there for my animals and I. Whether it be last minute tests or getting us medications, she goes out of her way and comes through.”


“Cleanliness of the facility, friendliness and knowledge of the staff/vets, attention to detail.”


“I adopted Calliope in May of 2010 from UPAWS (formerly known as the Marquette County Humane Society). She joined my other cat, Juliet.
Calliope (whom we call Callie) was and still is skittish. We named her Calliope because she is very vocal – always has been. She blended into our family quite well being a very loving pet – in fact, she encouraged Juliet to become more people friendly. She loved sleeping under the covers – which she does to this day.
In 2013 during a routine examination, the doctor noticed a problem with her teeth. She had a dental appointment and this was diagnosed as “tooth resorption.” As a result, Callie had a pre-molar extracted. She came through the surgery with no apparent problems.
Being a vocal feline, she meowed quite a bit – we just figured she was a chatty kitty. She would follow me around the house meowing until I sat down and she could cuddle.
There were more problems with the tooth resorption as x-rays showed several teeth with signs of resorption. In December 2015, a pre-molar and a canine tooth were extracted. This time after the surgery, there was some urinary tract bleeding and a culture was sent to Marquette General Hospital. The test results showed no problem.
The saga continues – in July of 2017, extractions included a canine tooth, a pre-molar and an incisor.
During all of this time of stress and obviously pain for Callie, she has remained a lovable, cuddly pet. She plays well with her sister, Juliet. She remains vocal and I worry because I’m never sure if she’s in pain or just wanting some loving. The loving we can handle.
The one thing that surprises me about all of this is that the doctors say after a procedure to feed her soft food or wet her dry food. Guess what? Callie is not satisfied until you give her Temptations (which is dry) and she doesn’t seem to have any problem chewing, even after this surgery. She’s an amazing creature.

Calliope’s mom

“My wife and I own two Siamese cats, the oldest being 18, a female named Precious. On June 7th of this year she had 6 of her remaining 8 teeth pulled at a local veterinarian. After a week, we noticed she was having a lot of trouble eating. I looked in her mouth and saw that all the extraction points were open and infected. I worked with the local vet on the problem to no avail, until he directed me to Dr. Holmstrom at the Animal Medical Center in Marquette. Dr. Holmstrom specializes in animal dentistry, and got us in within a few days.
Upon arriving at the clinic, Precious was immediately taken back to prep her for surgery and we were put in an examination room with one of Dr. Holmstrom’s assistants and explained thoroughly the procedure that was going to take place. Later that afternoon, we were called and told that Precious was doing fine and was awake and she was already eating some soft pate cat food.
As was expected, there was severe infection in all areas where the teeth had been removed and also some bone disease on the one lower jaw. With the professional care Precious received from Dr. Holmstrom and her staff, our cat and member of the family, has been given a new lease on life. Without this procedure, she more than likely would have died.
The message I’m trying to promote is, if you have an older cat that has major dental issues, don’t just take it to a regular vet. Take it to Dr. Holmstrom who is specialized in dentistry and can definitely help your pet and member of your family lead a longer, happier, and healthy senior life, without the pain of infected teeth and gums. You’ll be happy that you did and so will your cat.
P.S. My other cat, a male named Sasha, is 16 years old and when it comes to having his dental work done, we will be going back to the Animal Medical Center in Marquette and Dr. Holmstrom where we know the services will be done efficiently and affordably.”

Robert and Sandra